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New look Suzuki for the summer

0 Tue 16th April 201321 Views1 Comments

Just in case you were unsure of the website address, or telephone number, we\'ve had this done - just in time for Summer.  :)

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Cardiff Fairwater driving test centre is relocating to Llanishen

0 Thu 27th December 201221 Views2 Comments

Cardiff Fairwater driving test centre is relocating to Llanishen from Thursday 27 December 2012.

The new test centre provides improved facilities for learners and instructors, better access for disabled people and on-site parking for test candidates.

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DSA announces partnership with Halfords

0 Thu 1st November 201221 Views1 Comments

The DSA announces partnership with Halfords to provide local tests in areas that don’t have a test centre.

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Highway Code app launched

0 Mon 1st October 201221 Views

\"\"Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, has announced the launch of a Highway Code app to help road users keep their knowledge of The Highway Code up to date.

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New powers to protect learner drivers

0 Sun 24th June 201221 Views2 Comments

Driving instructors who pose a significant threat to public safety will face immediate suspension under new legislation that was put forward in Parliament this week.

Under the current legislation, it takes a minimum of 45 days to prevent an instructor from continuing to give paid driving instruction.

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Driving examiner strike - candidates still to attend tests

0 Fri 1st June 201221 Views1 Comments

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is urging all practical driving test candidates booked to take a test on the afternoon of either 8 or 15 June to attend as usual.

This is despite the potential for strike action by driving examiners who are members of the Pubic and Commercial Services (PCS) union.

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DVLA consultation on driving licence fees

0 Wed 23rd May 201221 Views1 Comments

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has issued a consultation paper on proposed changes to its driving licence fees, which would apply in Great Britain from April 2013. Anyone wishing to comment must do so by 14 August 2012.


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Driving examiner strike - candidates to attend tests

0 Wed 2nd May 201221 Views1 Comments

DSA is urging all driving test candidates booked to take a test on Thursday 10 May to attend as usual, despite the potential for strike action by driving examiners who are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union...

DSA’s chief executive Rosemary Thew said: All candidates have the opportunity to change or cancel their practical test by giving DSA three clear working days notice.

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Theory Test Questions no longer published

0 Thu 23rd February 2012105 Views5 Comments

Move to ensure candidates are better prepared for safe driving

As of 23 January, the questions used in real theory tests are no longer exactly the same as the questions published in revision materials such as the Official DSA Theory Test book. The change is designed to ensure learner drivers and riders gain a better understanding of driving theory rather than just learning by rote which options are correct for individual questions.

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Red tape to be cut for drivers

0 Thu 23rd February 201241 Views

Department for Transport to amend or scrap 142 regulations

Last April the Government launched The Red Tape Challenge, inviting individuals to
come forward with suggestions for reducing unnecessary and complicated regulation. As
a result of the road transport part of the Red Tape Challenge, the Department for Transport is to scrap or improve 142 road transport regulations.

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The Official Highway Code joins Facebook and Twitter

0 Thu 23rd February 201278 Views2 Comments

The Official Highway Code joins Facebook and Twitter

You can now get Official Highway Code reminders via Facebook or Twitter. You can see the posts on Facebook at, or you can get tweets by going to follow @HighwayCodeGB on Twitter.

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Driving tests: cancelled or stopped tests and bad weather

0 Thu 23rd February 201237 Views1 Comments

Sometimes the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has to cancel or stop driving and riding tests because of things like bad weather or vehicle problems. Find out what happens if your test is cancelled or stopped, and what you need to do when there's bad weather.

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Changes to the theory test: the facts

0 Tue 13th December 2011222 Views1 Comments

From 23 January 2012 the theory test will be made up of multiple-choice questions which are no longer published in learning materials.

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DSA opening hours - Christmas and New Year

0 Tue 13th December 201121 Views

Find out when the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) customer service centre and driving test centres are open over Christmas and New Year.

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How do you select a Driving Instructor

0 Sun 13th November 2011185 Views2 Comments

What criteria would you use to select a Driving Instructor?  Here are some of our ideas that you need to be aware of.  Alternativley, you can also use the DSA 'Find an Instructor' online service here.

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Traffic signs to be updated

0 Fri 14th October 2011243 Views1 Comments

Traffic signs updated, clutter and red tape reduced in biggest signs review in 40 years

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Government proposes 80MPH motorway speed limit

0 Fri 14th October 2011189 Views1 Comments

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has announced his intention to consult on raising the national speed limit on motorways from 70 to 80 miles per hour. The government plans to launch a full public consultation on the issue later this year with a view to implementing any change in early 2013.

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New theory test books published

0 Fri 14th October 2011197 Views1 Comments

New official driving and riding theory books will be published this month to help candidates revise in preparation for changes to the test in January 2012.

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New Suzuki Swift SZ3

0 Thu 1st September 2011437 Views1 Comments

Lady-Drivers now has a new Suzuki Swift SZ3!

The Polo has gone and we now have a brand new, 61 plate, Suzuki Swift SZ3.  This wicked little zinger has a 1.2Litre engine, alloys, air-con and is diamond white.  Its a real stunner.

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Online directory of driving instructors launched

0 Mon 25th July 2011406 Views1 Comments
  • Only official online directory of  qualified, approved driving instructors
  • Over 30,000 qualified instructors signed up to the service
  • Search for qualified, approved instructors in your area

A free online service making it easy for learner drivers to find qualified instructors in their area has been launched today by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

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DSA working with industry

0 Mon 25th July 2011201 Views

The new Strategic Framework for road safety, published last month, sets out the Government’s proposed actions and approach to continuing to reduce death and injuries on our roads.

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Find a driving instructor online

0 Mon 25th July 2011194 Views

The DSA has launched a new service to enable prospective drivers to find a registered and approved Driving Instructor online.  They have produced this Video about the service.

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Driving examiner strike. Candidates to attend tests

0 Tue 28th June 2011342 Views1 Comments

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is urging all driving test candidates booked to take a test on Thursday 30 June to attend as usual regardless of the threat of strike action by examiners who are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union.

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Why learn automatic?

0 Fri 27th May 2011366 Views1 Comments

Quite simply - don't. Don't do it. It's restrictive and only for lazy people.

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Highway Code celebrates 80 years on the road

0 Thu 14th April 2011293 Views1 Comments

One of Britain's best selling and most iconic publications - the Highway Code - is 80 years-old today.

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The THINK! website has changed

0 Mon 11th April 2011332 Views2 Comments

The THINK! website has changed

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Sorting out your practical driving test is so easy with Directgov

0 Mon 11th April 2011334 Views2 Comments

Directgov is the only official site where you can book or change your practical test appointment without paying an extra administration fee.

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Join the conversation

0 Mon 7th March 2011536 Views1 Comments

Thanks to new digital communication tools and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, keeping in touch with DSA has never been easier.

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Website content under scrutiny

0 Mon 7th March 2011291 Views1 Comments

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is now able to investigate complaints about marketing messages on websites. Driving instructors who want to complain about online advertising should contact ASA directly on where they will find an online complaints form. Please don't contact DSA - they have no powers to deal with these complaints.

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Don't deceive the DSA

0 Sat 26th February 2011208 Views3 Comments

Between 1 April and 31 December 2010, DSA's Fraud and Integrity Team concluded 888 investigations into impersonation/ identity fraud surrounding the driving test.

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Driving test impersonator gang jailed

0 Mon 21st February 2011290 Views1 Comments

Four men who arranged for an impersonator to take driving theory tests for them have been sent to prison.

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10 lessons for £55..? ..not a chance!

0 Mon 7th February 2011471 Views

If it seems too good to be true, it often is.  This is also true of driving lessons. 

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Beware the imitiation

0 Mon 7th February 2011396 Views1 Comments

Lady-Drivers has been established for 10 years now. We established our branding straight away - black cars, pink livery, and the strapline 'Calm professional female driving instructors'. 

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Online servives from

0 Tue 25th January 2011574 Views1 Comments

No rise in lesson prices with lady-Drivers

0 Tue 4th January 2011337 Views2 Comments

With the increased cost of Petrol nearing its all-time high, and the increase to VAT making everything more expensive, we will NOT be putting lesson prices up at all.  This means that driving lessons from Lady-Drivers are now even better value for money than before.

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Facebook page for learners

0 Wed 8th December 2010399 Views1 Comments

DSA has launched a Facebook page for learner drivers. The page, which is called 'I can't wait to pass my driving test', has been set up to give learner drivers a way of keeping up to date with news about learning to drive and driving tests. The page also has links to information and services on Directgov.

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Grab yourself a FREE LESSON when you recommend a friend to Lady-Drivers.

0 Thu 11th November 2010348 Views

This totally new offer is open to all of our existing pupils, and gives you a free hour lesson when you recommend a friend to Lady-Drivers.  Your friend must sign up for a block booking for you to receive your free lesson.  And don't forget there is also a discount voucher on the website four your friend too.  Double discount!

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Lady-Drivers is on Facebook!

0 Mon 11th October 2010382 Views1 Comments

Many of you have been asking me for a while about being on Facebook.

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Thanks, but I'd rather hold it

0 Fri 11th June 2010399 Views1 Comments

A word of advice to anyone taking their driving test at the Driving Test Center, Fairwater, Cardiff.  "Have a pee before you leave home."

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